Hello world!

My brain runs and spins and does back-flips and just won’t stay still. This blog here is where I come spill my thoughts before they drive me to madness. And amidst my chaotic musings, I invite you to share with me a journey of enlightenment, one with the goal of discovering my place, your place, our place in discovering the dignity and beauty of a shared humanity. And once in a while, we can laugh at my absurd attempt to be deep yeah? Why the hell not?

Above anything else I must emphasize that this blog is an invitation for an interactive discourse on the state of our world. I will discuss politics, socio-economic issues, pop culture, and bore you with my photography, but this will not be an attempt to indoctrinate you with absolute truths. Instead, I welcome your challenging thoughts for it serves no one to surround ourselves with people who form an echo chamber, regurgitating our own beliefs, creating a bubble for our ignorance. Intellectual echo chambers stunt intellectual growth; as such, your opposing opinion is very welcome here. Unless you like Twilight. Then no. Stop it. Just stop liking Twilight. What’s wrong with you! Stop it.

But yeah. Welcome!


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