As someone who speaks other languages and dialects, I can definitely relate to having words you just can’t translate in English with an equivalent

Originally posted on TED Blog:


TED translators Dick Lundgren and Els De Keyser with the “21 untranslatable words” tray, at the Open Translation Project workshop before TEDGlobal 2012, June 24, 2012, Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo: Ryan Lash

On the weekend before TEDGlobal began, 22 volunteer translators converged from around the world to talk all day about translating TEDTalks. Among them, these 22 volunteers have translated more than 3,000 TEDTalks — part of a project to share TED in 88 languages and counting.

To celebrate, designer Dick Lundgren (who’s also a TED translator) made up this cool tray, covered in “untranslatable” words from 21 languages. The full word list (with definitions) is below …

21 Words Worth Spreading

pretoogjes: ‘fun-eyes,’ the eyes of a chuckling person 
who is up to
some benign mischief

bakalie: any dried fruit, nuts, and candied citrus peel used in baking or added to ice cream

milozvučan: having…

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